Differences between Black Hat and White Hat Hackers

White hat and black hat hackers are completely different groups I’m only gonna be pointing out SOME of the differences here in this post

I’m gonna start off by saying this isn’t all the reasons why there different just a few

So I’m gonna start off and talk about white hat hackers this group is known for hacking for good meaning finding vulnerabilities inside sites then contacting the owner telling him how to exactly fix the vulnerability they also hack accounts then contact the owner telling them to use a better password so white hats are just non-malicious hackers

Now for the black hats…..which are complete opposite of the white hats. black hats hack for the profit and or gain from it. defacing sites, leaking databases,selling accounts,Spreading rats/viruses ect. Black hats are one of the most malicious hackers you can come across.

I hope this help people that have a hard time understanding between the 2 there’s still a million more reasons why there different.

Have a awesome day/night stay awesome!


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