Cheat Engine 6.6

Cheat engine 6.6 is soon to be released

It comes with quite a few Fixes that popped up between CE 6.5 & 6.5.1 releases

There’s also been things added 

the Stability of Cheat engine is getting out of control HANDS DOWN Cheat engine is THE BEST hacking tool for PC Hackers

I cannot wait for The Final Release of Cheat Engine which is sure to be RIDICULOUS

If you want to keep an eye out for the new Version Check out Cheat Engine’s Website 

You can snag the BETA of 6.6 from Cheat Engine’s Github

CE changes:


Fixed saving of hotkey sounds

Fixed the CF flag in the disassembler stepping mode

Fixed Kernelmode VirtualQueryEx for Windows 10 build 14393

Fixed DBVM for Windows 10 build 14393

Fixed the shortest assembler instruction picking for some instructions

Fixed a few bugs in the break and trace routine when you’d stop it while the thread still had a single step set

Fixed several ansi to UTF8 incompatbilities that poped up between 6.5 and 6.5.1

Fixed the stackview not properly setting the color, and giving an error when trying to change a color

Fixed the exe generator not adding both .sys files or the .sig files when using kernel functions

Fixed some places of the disassembler where it helps guessing if something is a float or not

When using the code finder, it won’t show the previous instruction anymore if it’s on a REP MOVS* instruction

Fixed an issue when editing memoryrecords with strings, where wordwrap would add newline characters

Fixed D3D alpha channel for textures and fontmaps

Fixed the helpfile not being searchable

The installer will now mark the CE destination folder as accessible by APPS. (fixes speedhack for some APPS)

Fixed the form designed crashing is resized ‘wrong’
Additions and changes:

Ultimap 2 for Intel CPU’s of generation 6 and later (no DBVM needed for those)

Language select if you have multiple language files for CE

Memoryrecord pointer offsets can use calculations, symbols and lua code now

While stepping in the debugger you can now easily change the EIP/RIP register by pressing ctrl+f4

changed the way CE is brought to front when a hotkey is pressed

Made the GUI more adaptive to different fontsizes and DPI

Several font and minor GUI changes

Added DPIAware and a font override to the settings window. (DPI aware is on by default, but can be turned of if experiencing issues)

Added option to enable pause by default

Disassembling mega jumps/calls now show the code in one line

The standalone auto assembler window will now give an option to go to the first allocated memory address

Changed the point where the settings are loaded in CE’s startup sequence

The formdesigner now allows copy and paste of multiple objects, and uses text

Added scrollbox and radiogroup to the formdesigner

Added Middle, MD5 and MD5 as allowable hotkeys

Added controller keys as hotkeys

Single stepping now shows an indication if an condition jump will be taken

Added a watchlist to the debugger

Added the ‘align’ assembler pseudo command (allocates memory so the next line is aligned on a block of the required size)

Added the ‘Not’ option for scans, which causes all addresses that match the given entry as invalid

Changed the Unicode text to UTF-16. Text scans are now UTF8/UTF16 (no codepage)

Hexview can now show and edit values in 3 different textencodings. (Ascii, UTF-8 and UTF-16)

Rescan pointerscans on pointerscans that where done on a range can now change the offset

speak(): Text to speech

hookWndProc: a function that lets you hook the windows message handler of a window

registerEXETrainerFeature: Lets you add extra files to the exe trainer file packer

getFileVersion(): A function to get version information from a file

mouse_event() : Lets you send mouse events to windows. (move, click, etc…)

loadFontFromStream() : Lets you load a font from a memory stream. (Useful for trainers that use a custom font)

added several thread synchronization objects

control class: added bringToFront and sendToBack
Lua changes:

dbk_writesIgnoreWriteProtection() now also disables virtualprotectex calls from CE

loadTable() can now also load from a Stream object.

the addresslist has some Color properties published for better customization
The LUA server has had some new commands added so hooked code can do more efficient calls. (LUAClient dll has been updated to use them in a basic way).


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